Webinar: Modern Dispatch Technologies, Prospects for Use

For some of our clients, it is more convenient to receive data from water meters on their smartphones. It is convenient, now people do not want to be tied to a computer or laptop. We have created a guide to our IotansBot so that you can quickly find the information you need.

Date: 10 Dec 2021

Illustration: upklyak

Questions webinar

Is there a future for IOT technologies and dispatching systems?

How fast is the introduction of new technologies today?

How is dispatch used today?

Prospects for the use of IOT technologies in construction, and the operation of buildings and structures, in the systems of “smart housing and communal services”, smart housing and communal services?

Principles of building existing dispatching systems, limitations / opportunities for growth and development?

Benefits from the implementation of dispatch systems. Equipment and technology availability?

Is it possible to build supersystems “smart housing and communal services”, “smart city” based on IOT technologies and the professional platform IOTANS?


75000 smart devices in the IOTANS system
We are building a universal platform for a smart city in Belarus
110 base stations / own LoRAWAN network
Launched more than 410 objects of various levels with dispatch
Largest LCDs work with IOTANS
We have been working since 2017 in the field of dispatching in Belarus