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IOTANS Ready Dispatch System

What we do

IOTANS team specializes in building effective systems for remote data collection from metering devices, various sensors with their subsequent visualization and processing on IOTANS cloud platform

We provide full realization of the project from the stage of selecting the optimal data transmission technology and choosing equipment, to the final stage of pulling data in an end user’s personal account.

IOTANS Ready Dispatch System
Remote metering
of water, heat and gas
165 000

Water meters

Installed in 410 facilities


Heat meters

Installed in 24 facilities


Gas meters

Installed in 3 faculties

Our services

We organize professional dispatching IOTANS
We organize professional dispatching IOTANS

We provide information on all possible options for organizing remote reading

It is important to build dispatching correctly from the very beginning in order to minimize time and financial costs. There are a lot of dispatching systems and technologies for remote reading. We help find the perfect solution for your project. The consultation is free, we work all over the world, specializing in cutting edge, modern technologies for remote data transmission

We select equipment for your objectives and tasks that meet the requirements of the law

We work with different equipment and different data transmission technologies. We will help you choose the equipment you will not have dispatching problems with in the future. We work with metering devices for water, heat, gas, fullness of solid waste containers, as well as with climatic sensors, penetration sensors, parking and lighting sensors. You will not have to organize several dispatching systems and get tangled up in wires

We help the design department

Our experts will help you find all the necessary information on the equipment, tell you what installation options are available

We implement the dispatching system quickly and easily

We know how precious your time is, so we offer dispatching systems that save it. In technical terms, IOTANS dispatching system can be connected in three days at any stage of construction or building operation

We help with the preparation of the VK dispatching system for acceptance of the facility by the water service company

You can be sure that the equipment and technologies are approved in your city and country, as we carefully study all legislative and technical nuances.

We provide a data display platform with all the information you need

IOTANS platform is able to process and transmit data further (via API) from equipment operating using various data transfer protocols. You can offer not only your equipment for remote reading, but also a turnkey solution for data visualization

Our achievements

  • 2018

    1st city

    First launch of the project

    70 smart meters

    At the beginning, our platform had only 70 smart meters

    IOTANS 1.0 Platform

    5 first users registered on our platform

    LoRaWAN Base Station

    It was decided to use LoRaWAN technology and install the first base station

  • 2022

    83 cities

    We helped more than 27 water service companies to establish remote reading from water meters in residential and municipal institutions

    707 objects

    About 125 000 smart meters have been installed in total in more than 410 residential facilities

    IOTANS 2.3 Platform

    We constantly maintain and update our software. For ease of use and obtaining data for legal entities, a telegram bot was created IOTANSBOT

    165 LoRaWAN base stations

    About 165 base stations for remote reading have been installed.


Dispatch software

About the platform

IOTANS platform displays all the necessary data for accurate and timely remote control of readings from any metering devices. Convenient report pulling and intuitive interface

IOTANS system is a tool for building smart housing maintenance and utilities systems and a smart city. We advise administrations and municipalities on the possibility of integrating data from all metering devices for water, heat, gas into a single platform to optimize city management processes and control energy resources, improve economic performance

Dispatch software
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Contractor companies
Managing companies
Resources suppliers
Ministries of digitalization and Housing maintenance