dispatching system
for water service companies

Specificity of implementation

Water service companies work with a huge number of users, so their main tasks include proper distribution of the network load, control of water losses, accurate and timely control of water consumption. It is also important to be able to redistribute resources in case of emergencies

Organization of dispatching at the construction stage

Water service company objective

Provide remote readings from water meters in industrial and communal areas, including in hard to access nodes on daily basis. You can set data transmission once a day or at any frequency convenient for you, even every 15 minutes.
Reduce the staff workload by transferring data from water meters automatically

Water service company difficulties

- Visualize consumption data from smart devices

- Create accurate reports with data from metering devices registry

- Get access to track readings from smart devices

Solutions for water service companies

Using IOTANS, water service company staff can track water consumption for each meter in real time. The data is organized by time, date, addresses and other parameters. You can see the average consumption for the chosen period, the status of the meter, its technical characteristics

Personal accounts of legal entities and individuals were created, which simplified communication between consumers and the water service companies. Each user can view their water consumption and react to incorrect operation of devices promptly

IOTANS enables users to create reports on the consumption of any device and for any period. There is also a function for creating automatic reports, which will be sent to the user's e-mail once a week or a month at their option

Our result

OTANS has proven its efficiency, integrity and reliability. The data is received on time, which allows to issue invoices the next day after the reporting period. Thus, the gap between the services received and paid for is reduced. It also helps to control leaks in the system, redistribute resources to reduce network load and cut system maintenance costs even more

Pros of IOTANS scheduling


Is there an economic effect from the implementation of the dispatching system?

There are five main economic factors for the growth of resource-supplying organizations after installing a dispatching system:

- Household and transport losses are reduced by up to 60%.

- The mandatory consumer loans decrease, since the data on the utilities monthly consumption is submitted automatically by the end of the month.

- The costs for maintenance and verification of meter readings are reduced.

- The profit of the company increases due to the timely detection of data fraud (magnet, backward run, etc.).

- The load on the call center and the settlements financial center reduces.

Is IOTANS a system of “Smart Water Service Company” and “Smart Housing Maintenance and Utilities Systems”?

The combination of technical and conceptual solutions allows to refer IOTANS solution to the “Smart Water Service Company” and “Smart Housing Maintenance and Utilities Systems” ecosystems. Data is collected and visualized from various types of devices and is not tied to a one manufacturer. Transmission protocols can be different.
At the customer’s request, the functionality of the personal account can be modified accordingly. For more information about the platform's capabilities, click here.
The integration of IOTANS with other software and apps using API is quick and easy as well. You can connect any economic apps, for example

Is it necessary to install your software on the local water service company server?

Organization of a remote reading system for companies like water service company requires processing huge amount of data. It requires high server performance, system reliability and big financial expenses. At such type of dispatching system organization, overpayment is significant.
An important consequence of IOTANS platform cloud location is the opportunity to access personal account information from anywhere in the world with the Internet access. Thus, you are sure to get the data, at a time for convenient you

How long does it take to integrate IOTANS dispatching system into the distribution control system?

IOTANS dispatching system can be deployed really quickly. A distinctive feature is the absence of a testing and commissioning stage, power supply and the necessity to install additional equipment. In fact, the integration time of dispatching at a water service company equals to the time of smart meters installation

How is the data at the remote method of transmitting readings from water meters protected?

The data is protected at the highest possible level. The data with metering devices readings in the form of encrypted information packets gets to BS base station), which is configured to receive it just from these devices. Full decryption/decoding takes place on IOTANS cloud server. Due to the duplication of information in several data centers the information is saved and the system continues to function in case of any possible external failure of data transfer. Learn more about data security

How can consumers track these readings from metering devices?

Individuals are given the opportunity to use free IotansBot telegram bot, which is available on a smartphone. Learn more about bot capabilities

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