Dispatch system
for developers

Dispatching engineering networks during construction

Specificity of implementation

The applied dispatching system should be efficient both for small construction, building renovation, and large-scale complexes.
IOTANS dispatching system is equally efficient at any construction and renovation scale: from setting remote metering of single devices to receiving information from all meters in multi-quarter complexes
Organization of dispatching at the construction stage

Developer’s aims

Conform to building standards for building’s internal water supply and sewerage systems, also providing cost-effective and time-efficient dispatching of a facility

Developer’s difficulties

Selection of remote data transmission technology and proper equipment

Mounting devices for remote metering

It’s vital to conform to the terms of mounting, start-up and adjustment operations, facility commissioning to construction committee for putting it into service, as usually the mounting of meters is carried out at the final stage of construction, when the deadlines are tight and everything has to be done fast

Creation of a reliable registry of water consumption and disposal meters for facility commissioning to the water service company. Developers sometimes face unscrupulous contractors who break the law, by moving the same meters around different apartments for fast facility commissioning, because they lack them. The developer ends up paying for them twice

Solutions for developer

IOTANS specialists provide assistance at all stages of implementing dispatching of buildings and constructions. We select technology and devices for remote data sending on an individual basis

Technologies for remote metering from metering devices with a connection diagram:
Wireless MBus

We always have water meters for implementing remote data transmission in stock. We cooperate with meters’ manufacturers, which guarantees, that we can provide the customer devices for remote metering in full in a timely manner

Our specialist draws up a register of metering devices on site, which enables to commission it to water service companies successfully. Double checking the data allows you to provide reliable information and not delay the time of putting the building into service

Our result

Thanks to the well-coordinated work and long experience of IOTANS team, construction companies get an up and running system of utility systems dispatching for water supply and sewerage, both for small buildings and multifunctional residential complexes with thousands of metering devices promptly and at minimum expense

Pros of IOTANS scheduling


At what stage of construction should you apply for arranging remote reading systems installation?

You can contact us, both at the stage of designing the utility systems of a building, and later at the stage of construction, since the installation of smart water meters does not differ from the installation of standard metering devices.
Most meters can be retrofitted with different types of transmitting modules. You can contact our specialists and they will help you with the selecting the necessary equipment

What are the technical specifications of water service companies for the implementation of remote meter reading?

Contact us in any convenient way (phone, e-mail, Viber) and our specialists will draw up a complete action plan you need to meet any technical requirements

How does the dispatching of devices affect the terms of facilities delivery to the water service company?

Adding meters to IOTANS and checking is remote and does not take much time, so it does not affect the facility delivery time to the water service

What is the registry of counters and why is it necessary?

The list of devices, with the meter number bound to a definite one, which can be connected to IOTANS platform. It is needed to make the optimal choice of equipment, suitable for the developer and which will work properly with IOTANS

Is it possible to equip already installed metering devices with additional equipment to provide remote reading?

If meters have already been installed at the facility, you should contact IOTANS specialists. You should tell us the brands and types of metering devices so that we could determine which module is suitable exactly for this device.
Meters can be equipped with EDC and PDC modules. An EDC module provides secure remote reading or integration of meters into modern smart metering systems. A PDC module is used to integrate any water meters equipped with a pulse sensor (with pulse output) into a wireless data transmission system

Who mounts the equipment for remote data transmission from metering devices?

Our devices for remote information retrieval do not require special conditions for mounting. Smart meters are mounted like most standard meters. And installation of transmitting modules for communal meters requires just a few actions (LoRaWAN and NB-IoT technology). Specialists of water service companies are familiar with equipment, technology, as well as the platform itself, so it does not delay the acceptance process of a building

Who is responsible for setting and durability of the data transmission system from the meter to the water service company?

All setting of the remote data transmission system is carried out by IOTANS specialists, who advise the water service company employees on the use of virtual platform. Thus, the task of the construction company is to install smart water meters and provide access to an inspector to create a registry of devices. The base station is installed by representatives of our organization

What is the cost of installing a dispatching system at our facility?

The cost of implementing remote monitoring and metering of heat and energy consumption is calculated individually. It depends on various parameters which cannot be determined without special equipment. The cost of a smart meter does not differ much from standard equipment

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