IOTANS Platform Architecture

About architecture

IOTANS platform is an IT product designed to visualize data received from various metering devices remotely.

Data is automatically sent to the platform in the form of separate packets with encrypted information. The frequency of sending data packets by each device is configured at the request of the client.

It is on the platform where information from various types of devices is brought into a convenient form for work

IOTANS Platform Architecture

Components of the platform

Dispatch software Dispatch software
Frontend (web interface)

Provides viewing information about meter readings, error messages, and also allows to manage metering devices, assign them specific addresses and set up access groups

Dispatch decoding

Consists of independently deployable services that receive and decode data packets from utility meters and other devices, process information and analyze it, generate reports and send error messages

Dispatch decoding


Platform design

Microservices with external API provide interaction of the frontend (web interface) with the platform; creation and management of users, access groups, addresses, reports. Also, they allow integration with third-party services. Such as ERIP, 1C, CRM

This is very convenient, as it allows you to receive information in the form you are used to, without wasting time on new programs and services

Data processing services

Personal account on the IOTANS dispatch platform

Database Service - Postgres

Relational database service providing reliable storage of information about a device, its parameters and configuration, belonging to a specific legal entity or physical location

Personal account on the IOTANS dispatch platform

Document storage service - Elasticsearch

Document storage service that provides direct storage of readings from metering devices, instant search by this data, aggregation for generating reports and analyzing stored data. The chosen data storage system provides horizontal search across terabytes of stored data and superior fault tolerance within one or more clusters

Personal account on the IOTANS dispatch platform

Queuing and temporary data storage services - Kafka/Redis

A database service that provides temporary data storage, and a message broker that provides a fault tolerant accumulation of information packets from various dispatching devices for their subsequent processing

Personal account on the IOTANS dispatch platform

Microservices Platform - Kubernetes

Orchestrating Kubernetes platform microservices ensures that all services run smoothly under any load. This is an important factor in the scalability of the platform

Personal account on the IOTANS dispatch platform

Data packet processing/decoding service - ESH

Services for processing / decoding information packets coming from various devices, including energy meters

Personal account on the IOTANS dispatch platform

Infrastructure Integration and Deployment

Continuous integration process and continuous delivery (or continuous deployment) process of server infrastructure ensure smooth operation of the platform, even with constantly changing parameters. This is a quick implementation of new functionality and fixing possible errors

Security and fault tolerance

1. Deployment in several data centers, which in case of errors in one of them guarantees the continuation of the performance of all platform as a whole

2. Data backup and storage outside the coverage area of the data centers used in order to be able to restore the platform's performance even in case of two data centers failure

3. Encryption of communication channels and the packets of information messages themselves from end devices

Security of the IOTANS platform


We are a company which supplies smart equipment, can we use your IOTANS platform to collect information from our devices?

IOTANS platform can collect data from various smart devices operating on data transfer protocols: LoRaWAN, NB-IOT, Wm-BUS, RS 485, Zigbee and others

How do start-up and adjustment operations go?

No start-up and adjustment is required to connect the facility to IOTANS dispatching system. At many facilities in Belarus, start-up and adjustment is carried out remotely

Is it possible to work with IOTANS platform in Europe?

IOTANS platform is universal and can be easily adapted to different requirements. IOTANS has both technical and IT specialists who will help with the integration. The platform is currently being tested in several countries. We work all over the world

How quickly does the platform see new metering devices?

At the moment, the platform sees all new metering devices at their initial activation at manufacture. After the equipment is installed at the facilities, they are entered into IOTANS database as active ones, and they are seen by a representative of a water service company or by a dispatcher of a management company