dispatching system
for manufactures

Specificity of implementation

Water consumption at manufactures can be more than 1 million m3 a year, therefore accurate accounting is required. Accurate accounting can be viewed as a factor of reducing manufacturing costs and as an opportunity to increase efficiency. Savings due to dispatching, of even 5-10% in money terms, are already tangible

Dispatch organization in manufacturing

Aim of manufacturer

To build a system of remote data collection on water consumption with maximum details of readings

Difficulties of manufacturer

To select a system of remote readings transmission without upgrading utility networks and additional equipment

The implementation of water meters dispatching should not interfere with technological processes at the enterprise

The platform should accumulate data, process it, save and provide it at client’s request in a convenient way on PC at all times

Solutions for manufacturers

Both production departments and technical rooms, wells, water meters in the basements and even a dormitory located on the territory of the enterprise have been equipped with devices for remote data collection based on LoRaWAN networks

The base station that provides data transfer from all smart meters to the server from the entire territory of the enterprise has been installed

Our result

IOTANS has proven its efficiency, accuracy and reliability. Data is received on daily basis, which makes it possible to track readings remotely, as well as download reports for the necessary month and save the history of readings.
The platform also helps to control leaks in the system, redistribute resources to reduce network load and cut system maintenance costs even more.
Saving of about 30 working hours per month or 1.5 - 2 hours on daily basis

Remote reading result


Why should we choose IOTANS for setting dispatching at our manufacture?

IOTANS intelligent dispatching system has a number of strategic advantages that will help your manufacture work more efficiently.
You get up-to-date data on energy consumption from 10, 50, 100 metering devices in automatic mode, without involving labor resources. The human factor is eliminated.
Smart IOTANS dispatching includes a minimum set of equipment. And you will not have to look for a place to mount it, or lay meters of wires. You simply replace the metering devices with smart ones and install the base station within the range of 1-2 km. The base station is compact and is most often installed on a rooftop or on a building outwall, closer to the roof. It does not spoil the aesthetics of the building.
The IOTANS dispatching system is mounted as quickly as possible. From a few days.
Data is pulled in a convenient format (excel, pdf), integration with your software via API is possible.
The work on managing, administrating the building and utility bills is significantly reduced.
Multiservice help desk is always ready to advise you on any issue

Do utility systems require modernization to install IOTANS dispatching at the manufacture?

No. This is one of the strategic advantages of IOTANS dispatching system. There is no need to make changes in utility systems and equip switchboards, install hubs or modems. IOTANS is the simplest dispatching system to implement

How quickly can devices for dispatching engineering networks be installed at manufacture?

Technically, it is not difficult to organize dispatching of utility systems at an enterprise. There are not so many water meters installed in distribution nodes. It is necessary to permit our specialists to visit the facility where the metering devices are located.
Installation of the base station requires a permission to the roof or other high-rise facility at an enterprise.
If preliminary work with approvals and documents has been carried out, dispatching of engineering units manufacture can be realized within 2-4 days

Can water service company receive data got remotely?

It is profitable for water service companies and other utility providers to receive data remotely, since all utility metering is going to be transferred to a remote reading mode.
After installing metering devices with remote reading, you will need to provide the numbers of meters which information will be read from

Is it necessary to replace metering devices with smart ones, if we decided to implement a dispatching system at our manufacture?

To implement dispatching at manufacture, you will either need to replace mechanical energy metering devices with smart ones, or we will equip the already installed mechanisms with a transmission module

Can we buy equipment for remote reading. What about installing it ourselves?

Yes, you can buy remote data transmission equipment and install it at manufacture yourselves. We provide detailed advice on all dispatching questions at manufacture

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