IOTANS dispatch program

About the platform

An integral part of the remote reading system is a platform for collecting and displaying data

Only the most essential data is collected on IOTANS platform so that the specialist can get down to work as quickly as possible. We conducted a large joint research with representatives of water service companies, so there is no unnecessary information on the platform. This reduces the time to implement a remote data reading system from metering devices in your organization

IOTANS dispatch program

Devices data

You can view the readings of devices by their addresses. The platform clearly displays not only the readings themselves, but also the status of the devices, as well as when the counter sent the latest data, so the user can see the status of the device and its frequency of communication

Data on IOTANS platform comes automatically from those metering devices that are connected to the remote data reading system and related to your account
Personal account on the IOTANS dispatch platform
On our platform, you can easily filter your devices by their type: water, heat, movement, etc. and get readings on the necessary metering devices in one click
Personal account on the IOTANS dispatch platform
The user who has installed a remote reading device by himself, first of all wants to understand whether the meter is transmitting readings or not. In order to make sure that the meter is really in the network, you can use a filter or search for the required meter by its number. As a result, the user gets all the necessary information on the metering device of interest in one click
Personal account on the IOTANS dispatch platform


IOTANS technical support

Help desk

IOTANS customer support team ensures the stable operation of the platform 24/7 and helps users resolve issues as soon as possible

IOTANS technical support

Simple integration
with other applications

Platform for dispatching Platform for dispatching

You can read more about the architecture of IOTANS service here

Integration of dispatch with other applications

The framework is designed in such a way that it can be easily integrated with other applications. This is convenient, since organizations use their own applications in different cities and countries

Integration of dispatch with other applications
Free access to the dispatching program Free access to the dispatching program

If you are going to implement a remote reading system for metering devices for water, heat, gas, electricity, and want to evaluate the convenience of working with IOTANS platform, you can use the demo version


How is the platform secure and reliable?

All data in the professional dispatching system is encrypted. Only our service, which has the appropriate codes and "keys", can decrypt information packets. Fault tolerance is provided by storing information in several data centers

How to organize access to data for several specialists?

You can configure sending automatic reports by email. You select the required parameters, groups and frequency. Reports will be sent automatically to the specified addresses

How to determine a backward run of the water meter at remote reading?

IOTANS platform displays devices that have a backward run with data - 99.999

How can you be sure that only reliable data get into the report?

When generating a report, you will be warned that the report will not include data on those metering devices that have not been contacted, or there are issues with them

Is it possible to detect water leakage using IOTANS?

Dispatching helps to identify water losses in the system. It is enough to compare the readings for the past and present periods. A multiple increase in readings for no obvious reason will most likely mean a leak in the system.
Another important point of dispatching is the ability to detect communal water losses. When closing the balance sheet of the water supplied to the house and the amount consumed by the residents, significant resource losses can be identified. According to statistics, they can account for up to 60% of all water losses

Can I view data on my smartphone?

You can receive data from metering devices obtained remotely via a telegram bot. In most cases, this application is already installed by most people. A detailed description of the telegram bot Iotansbot bot can be found here.

Do I need to install IOTANS on my computer or phone?

No. IOTANS is a cloud-based platform that you access via the Internet. This is very convenient, because knowing your login and password, you can get access to the information from anywhere in the world. And not just from the control room