Guide to the free telegram bot IotansBot

Guide to the free telegram bot IotansBot

We have created a guide to our IotansBot so that you can quickly find the information you need. Our bot IotansBot works via Telegram messenger

Firstly, make sure the application is installed and the account is active. Then call our help desk +48 516 754 540 to tell the mobile phone number, where information from your smart meters is going to be received

Getting Started with IotansBot

Enter the name IotansBot and click start in Telegram search. Through IotansBot, the client sees all the information they need to work. Now you can view information on all water and heat meters connected to IOTANS dispatching system - it is convenient to see the whole picture quickly. You can select a specific counter and view information only about it:

List of devices with addresses and readings in the telegram bot IotansBot

Using the menu in IotansBot

Go to the bot menu for a detailed study of data from your water meters. Then, you can select the actions that you need for work: set up the language that is convenient for you to study data from metering devices, as well as notifications and their frequency. View the list of devices that the system recognizes as malfunctioning, create ready-made reports for the last week or month, view separate groups of counters, using the "filters" submenu:

Telegram bot menu IotansBot

Data Display in IotansBot

For viewing data of specific water meter, follow these steps:

Instructions for viewing data on a specific meter in IotansBot

You can get information on a specific meter in the form of a table or graph, check for possible errors in the operation of the device both in the telegram bot and on IOTANS platform. In the “Apply Filters” submenu, data can be filtered by address, device type and individually configured groups

Using Filters to Sort Information in IotansBot

For all questions, please contact the platform technical help desk for remote reading from water and heat meters by e-mail: [email protected].

IOTANS smart dispatching system allows you to receive information quickly, conveniently, and not be tied to the control room. The data is displayed regardless the remote data transfer protocol: NB-IOT or LoRaWAN